Learn Spanish with Coca-Cola – Reasons to Believe in a Better World in Spanish

Last modified:Sunday, October 4, 2015  Today we will use a couple of great commercials by Coca-Cola as tools to practice the Spanish. Are you ready to get started? This is how the activity works: First, play the English version of the commercial in order to understand what the commercial was about.   Second, play the …

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Learn Spanish with Oral Presentations – Gaby Vargas at TEDxDF

Last modified:Sunday, October 4, 2015There are times when finding materials to practice Spanish can seem like a challenge. But in these times of digital abundance, being creative and resourceful can make things much easier. Today we will use an oral presentation in Spanish by Gaby Vargas (a Mexican book author) recorded at TEDxDF as a …

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Spanish for Nurses Video: 25 Phrases that can be Useful at Work (Add Yours!)


Last modified:Monday, January 26, 2015  In this post we will take a look at a few phrases in Spanish that are commonly used by nurses at work.  First, you will find a video that will show you how to pronounce each phrase, and after the video you will find a written version so you can …

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Learn Spanish with Coca-Cola Light – Funny Commercials in Spanish

Last modified:Tuesday, March 11, 2014  There are many ways to practice Spanish, and when it comes to finding entertaining ways to do it. Being creative and flexible is an important asset that separates fast learners from those who get bored and quit. Today we will use a funny Coca-Cola commercial to practice Spanish while discussing …

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5 Things to do in Playa del Carmen Mexico (and Simple Phrases in Spanish for Beginners)

Last modified:Saturday, November 16, 2013We all have different reasons for learning a foreign language. Some people want a better job, some want to meet new friends, and many want to travel to interesting places and experience the local cultures beyond the typical tourist experience.     Today, we’ll take a quick look at a beautiful …

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