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Are you tired of boring and repetitive grammar lessons

that end up being useless?



     Would you like to understand

when someone speaks in Spanish 

so you can interact and

be part of the conversation?





Hi, my name is José Lira.




After spending years helping people learn Spanish in person,


I have designed Dual Translation Exercises


that focus on conversations and frequently used topics


to accelerate the process of learning Spanish.





 These lessons are designed


to replicate the experience


of having a personal tutor 


who helps you understand a text


or a conversation in Spanish.






Dual Translation Exercises help your brain 


recognize new words, 


grammar patterns


and common phrases 


in a conversational context.






For a limited time you can get a 


Bundle of 5 Dual Translation Exercises 


 like this one for a discounted price:









Here is what you get:



Access to 5 Dual Translation Exercises on Video


So you can watch each one

as many times as you want, 

at the time of the day you prefer

from anywhere in the world

using an Internet connection.



5 Downloadable MP3 audio files


So you can listen to each Dual

Translation Exercise anywhere

you go using a portable music

player such as an iPod, iPhone, 

iPad, Android phone, Tablet,

or your MP3 Player of choice. 



5 Downloadable text transcripts in PDF format


So you can print each

Dual Translation Exercise 

and make notes.



Access to Frequently Asked Questions


and their answers as well as

mentorship from me personally 

via e-mail.







This Bundle of 5 Dual Translation Exercises 

will focus on the following topics:



Dialogue between the father and son at home


Dialogue between a teacher and a student at school


Dialogue between a chef and a cook at a restaurant


Dialogue between a boy and a girl during a first date


Dialogue between a dentist and a patient







This opportunity to learn Spanish faster


will only be available for a few more days,


after that we will stop granting access to new members.






We want to maintain a high level of quality and support,


because of that we don’t want too many new members.






Also, we only want members who really want to learn Spanish


and who are completely satisfied with their purchases.






After you buy this Bundle of 5 Dual Translation Exercises,


if for whatever reason you are not 120% satisfied with your purchase


during the first 21 days, we will return your money without asking questions.




All you have to do is send an e-mail with the word “refund” in the title,


and you will get your money back in less than 24 hours.






Regularly, one of these Dual Translation Exercises is $4,


and all five lessons combined are $20.





But for a few days only,


you can get all 5 lessons with a Discount of 80%




(including videos, audio files, text transcripts,


answers of frequently asked questions and personal mentorship)





That’s 5 lessons for the cost of 1!







If you are ready to take this opportunity


and accelerate your Spanish learning process,






you can get this Bundle of 5 Dual Translation Exercises


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Buy Bundle of 5 Dual Translation Exercises for $4  $20

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P.S.1. Remember, this opportunity to learn Spanish faster will only 

be available for a few more days.


P.S.2. We only want members who really want to learn Spanish,

if you are not serious about accelerating your Spanish learning process, 

please don’t buy this and let someone else take the opportunity.


P.S.3. We only want fully  satisfied customers.

If after investing in this Bundle of 5 Dual Translation Exercises

you are not 120% satisfied for whatever reason during the first 21 days,

send us an email with the word “refund” in the title and we will send

your money back without asking any questions in less than 24 hours.