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Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek help you Learn Spanish with Translated Trailers of Grown Ups 2 – Good Movies to Learn Spanish

Last modified:Friday, November 1, 2013There are many different ways to find entertaining alternatives to practice Spanish, and today we’ll take a look at one that also lets you find out about fun movies. We’re talking about watching fun movie trailers in both English and Spanish practice your listening and comprehension skills.     This is …

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Robert Downey Jr. and Iron man 3 Help you Learn Spanish

Last modified:Friday, November 1, 2013Finding Learning Spanish is a matter of being persistent, and making things fun is something that makes being persistent a much simpler endeavor. Today we’ll take a look at a simple idea to practice Spanish using movie trailers. It is simple; all you need is 2 movie trailers; one version in …

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Free online books in Spanish translated to English – Today’s book: “Platero y Yo” by Juan Ramón Jiménez

Last modified:Monday, June 27, 2016  Today we’ll take a look at a tool that can help you accelerate the language accusation process. We’re talking about reading books in Spanish.     Learn 10 Easy ways to greet customers in Spanish and ask them questions? Get Free Video Lessons Here: Spanish for you Job     …

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Shakira Spanish Songs – Antologia

Last modified:Thursday, January 23, 2014Today we will take a look at a great way to practice Spanish through music. We are talking about Listening to songs in Spanish while reading the lyrics (in Spanish of course) and having translations in English available in case they’re needed. Today we’ll take a look at a beautiful song …

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Learn Spanish with Antonio Banderas – Funny Commercials in Spanish

Last modified:Sunday, June 26, 2016  When it comes to finding creative ways to practice Spanish, there is a large variety of possibilities to explore that are only limited by your imagination.   Today we will use a couple of commercials featuring Antonio Banderas to practice. Let’s get started. In order to make the most out …

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