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3 Love Ballads Songs in Spanish with Lyrics

  Finding creative ways to practice Spanish is an important tool for beginners who want to master the language quickly. Using music as a learning tool is a great way to incorporate Spanish into your daily life while learning new words and phrases and getting acquainted with the popular culture from other countries. Today will …

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Ricky Martin Songs in Spanish Translated to English: Maria

There are many different ways to practice Spanish, and with a little creativity, possibilities tend to be endless. In today’s post will take a look at the popular Ricky Martin song known as Maria and we will use it as a tool to practice your comprehension skills while learning Spanish for beginners. First, you will …

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Spanish Song Lyrics – Eres by Café Tacuba – Eres lyrics in english

  In this article we will review the meaning behind Eres lyrics in English and Spanish This is a soft and beautiful song about loving someone else with all you got, Listen to it while reading the lyrics once, and then continue to listen for a few days without having the lyrics in front of …

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Dímelo by Enrique Iglesias – Dimelo translation in English – Spanish Song Lyrics

  ¡Hola! In this short post we will take a look at the Dímelo translation in English (Say it to me) by Enrique Iglesias. A simple song with common Spanish words useful for beginners interested in learning Spanish.   First, you will find the video (we suggest you click “play” and the scroll down to …

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Spanish Songs Lyrics – “Soy o Estoy” by Cafe Tacuba

  Today we want to share a fine example of  Spanish Songs Lyrics, a piece created by Café Tacuba, a famous rock band from Mexico City.    The song´s title is: Soy o Estoy.   This song is a challenging exercise for those interested in learning about How to use ser and estar     You can play the song in the following youtube …

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