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Spanish Song Lyrics – Es por Ti by Juanes

Modern-day technology allows us to have a large variety of options when it comes to practicing Spanish, and using portable MP3 players is a practical way to incorporate additional hours of practice throughout the day. It is also a great way to improve your listening and comprehension skills while learning new vocabulary and useful phrases …

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Shakira Spanish Songs – Antologia

Today we will take a look at a great way to practice Spanish through music. We are talking about Listening to songs in Spanish while reading the lyrics (in Spanish of course) and having translations in English available in case they’re needed. Today we’ll take a look at a beautiful song about love and losing …

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Bessa me mucho or Besame Mucho Translation – Spanish Songs Lyrics with English Translation

There are many innovative ways to practice Spanish, and listening to songs in Spanish is an excellent alternative to improve our listening and comprehension skills while learning new words. Listening to songs in Spanish also allows us to learn about the culture of other countries either in the present, or the past as with today´s …

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Yerbatero by Juanes – Popular songs with lyrics in Spanish translated to English

Today we are going to take a look at a song in Spanish to use as a tool to practice for beginners want to accelerate their learning process. The song we will review today is “Yerbatero” (“Medicine Man”). It is an interesting composition that talks about a man that cures all kinds of diseases including …

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Shakira Spanish Songs Lyrics: La Tortura

  Beginners who want to learn Spanish quickly must be creative and use several innovative study techniques in order to accelerate the learning process. Today we will use music as a learning tool by translating the lyrics of “La Tortura” (The Torture) a rhythmic song that talks about a fight between a woman (the beautiful …

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