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Spanish for Nurses Video: 25 Phrases that can be Useful at Work (Add Yours!)


  In this post we will take a look at a few phrases in Spanish that are commonly used by nurses at work.  First, you will find a video that will show you how to pronounce each phrase, and after the video you will find a written version so you can review the spelling of …

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Learn Spanish with Funny Dogs!

  Welcome, today we will learn Spanish with the help of this fun canine friend: Image from:   Let’s try to understand what this dog saying. Any clues? Let’s begin with the top section, it says “Yo”, that is “I” in Spanish. Then it says “huelo”, which comes from the verb “oler” (“to smell” …

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How to say Happy Birthday in Spanish

  Having the ability to maintain and nurture friendships is one of the most important aspects of a successful social life. Someone’s birthday is a great occasion to reach out and stay in touch with people you care about.       In today’s post we will take a look at how to say happy …

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How do you say thank you in Spanish?

  There are several important words in every language, and if you’re interested in learning Spanish answering the question: How do you say thank you in Spanish? Is a very important one that we will address in this short post. Knowing how to express gratitude is certainly important, but also finding additional ways to tell …

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Learn Spanish with Funny Dog Photos!

  Today we will learn a useful verb with the help of this adorable canine “amigo”:   Image from:   The top section of the image shows “¿Te burlas de mí?” The word “burlas” sound a little like “burglar”, a thief who MAKES FUN of the Law. This will help you remember that “burlarse” …

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