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Our Guest Post Guidelines and Policies

If you want to submit a guest post, that’s great. We appreciate your interest!


First, things first:

We don’t accept posts from SEO companies who want to get backlinks to their client´s sites. So, don’t even bother.

Please don’t ask us if we accept guest posts, we do accept them but we select our authors carefully. Thanks!

Our readers are very important to us, and because of this we select guest authors carefully.

Please read the following important guidelines before submitting a guest post idea:


Guest Posts should be Unique and Useful:

We do not publish duplicate content. All guest posts will be checked using Copyscape to ensure the guest post has not been published before. So, please don’t waste our time. Only original content is allowed.

Be creative, write an eye catching headline and talk about something interesting. Not just the same basic stuff hundreds have said using other words. Make it personal, useful, unique and compelling.

Write from your perspective and share your personal opinion. What do you like? What don’t you like? Why? What is useful to you? Why do you like it? Where did you go? What did you like about it? Don’t try to be Wikipedia, be yourself.


Guest Posts should be Relevant:

Our audience wants to read about useful ideas to learn languages (preferably Spanish), useful resources to learn languages (preferably Spanish), traveling, cooking ideas related to Latin American or Spanish food, popular culture in Latin America or Spain (including TV, movies, songs, magazines, etc.), among other topics related to learning languages (preferably Spanish), Mexico, Latin America and traveling. In summary, guest posts should be interesting to our readers.

Please don’t send us posts about laptops, software, pills, and other unrelated topics. The answer is no. Posts need to be relevant for our readers.


Guest Posts should be well written:

We love our readers, and because of that we are picky.

Please pay attention to grammar, punctuation, style and tone. Check your article with spell check software and catch all the typos before sending it (and read it a couple of times before sending it). We only publish quality content.

Avoid using big blocks of text. Outline your ideas clearly, use subheadings, bullet points and small paragraphs when necessary.

Secret word (we will explain this later): backpack

Write a good conclusion that encourages action, conversations, comments and social shares.

We reserve the right to make small edits to a post if we consider it to be necessary (don’t take it personal okay?)



Additional Considerations:

Please include an author bio of no more than 100 words with your guest post, and make it fun. You may include 1 link to your website and mention 2 of your Social Media accounts.

Affiliate links are not allowed

You may include 1 or 2 links in your post, as long as they are relevant and point to resources that add value to our readers.

Guest posts should have at least 500 words (without the Bio).

We will add a photo for your post, there is no need to add one. However, if you have a great photo you want to include; you may add it, no problem (for example, a photo of your last visit to Mexico).

Please credit all sources, assets, avoid infringing copyright and use common sense (play nice).

A guest post is something you give away. If your post is accepted, you grant a license for LearningSpanishforBeginners.com to be the exclusive publisher. In other words, if we publish your post, it should not be published in other places. You may republish extracts (for example, on your personal site), but the entire article should not be published anywhere else.


You are still here?

Thank you for reading this whole thing. Our readers expect great content and we select guest authors carefully. Thank you for understanding.

If you have read all the previous guidelines and you can comply with the requirements, please fill the following form BEFORE writing your guest post. First, we want to know about your idea and about you. If we like what we see, we will contact you via email and ask you to be a guest author. If we don’t contact you in less than 1 week, it means we are not interested, it´s not personal okay?

Please include the secret word mentioned above at the end of your first answer (this is how we make sure you are not a robot filling contact forms automatically, or someone who did not read the guidelines. Thanks for understanding)

So, here is the contact form, let us know a little about your idea and about who you are:





What´s on your mind? Share! =)