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Numbers in Spanish 1-10


Whether you’re considering going out with a Spanish speaker or improving your Spanish to achieve a straightforward conversational level,


knowing the Numbers in Spanish 1-10 is an essential topic that anyone thinking about learning Spanish for beginners should focus on during the initial weeks of studying the Spanish language.


Even though it might seem as being a complicated subject initially,


learning the Numbers in Spanish 1-10 is easier if you take the time to recognize the patterns that may be found.


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Let’s look at the cardinal Numbers in Spanish 1-10

In this Spanish numbers worksheet initial section, we will take a look at the numbers from 1 to 10


Numbers in Spanish 1-10:

1 – uno

2 – dos

3 – tres

4 – cuatro

5 – cinco

6 – seis

7 – siete

8 – ocho

9 – nueve

10 – diez





As an additional note related to learning about the numbers from 1 to 10,

whenever the number “one” is used before a noun (as in “one coin” – “una moneda” or “one pencil” – “un lapiz”)

it should match the gender of the noun.


This is not needed with the rest of the numbers, only with “one”:

Masculine – singular: un

Feminine – singular: una



Numbers in Spanish, a few examples … Feminine:

One screen – una pantalla

One window – una ventana

One spoon – una cuchara


spoon - spanish numbers 1-10



Numbers in Spanish a few examples … Masculine:

One pencil – un lapiz

One shoe – un zapato

One music player – un reproductor de música


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In conclusion,

when learning how to write numbers in Spanish:

If you are counting use “uno” (as in 1,2,3 – uno, dos, tres)

and if you are specifying the amount of something use the word “un” or “una” depending on the gender of the noun (as in “one red car” – “un carro rojo” or “one yellow house – una casa amarilla”),

it is that simple.


Mastering the Numbers in Spanish 1-10 is time well spent when learning Spanish for beginners, since they’re used often in daily life situations.

As you have seen studying the numbers from 1 to 10 is less difficult than most people think,

so start practicing today, come on!


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