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Ser vs Estar


Ser Conjugation Chart

Last modified:Thursday, November 14, 2013   Ser and Estar are two of the most commonly used verbs in everyday life and Beginners learning Spanish may considerably accelerate their progress by focusing on them from the beginning.   In this article we will take a look at the Ser Conjugation Chart and a few conversational Spanish …

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learning spanish for beginners - ser vs estar - man

Ser vs Estar Rules

Last modified:Monday, March 25, 2013   The use of the verbs Ser vs Estar is one of the most important subjects for beginners learning Spanish.   Although it is often regarded as a confusing subject, it is much easier than it seems.   In this lesson we will talk about the ser vs estar rules, the …

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When to Use Ser and Estar

Last modified:Monday, March 25, 2013   When focusing on learning conversational Spanish for beginners,    there are some topics that are more important than others.     Knowing when to use Ser and Estar is without a question a useful tool     that can accelerate the process of learning Spanish for beginners.     …

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