LSFB Podcast 008 – Learn 10 Nouns related to people in Spanish


Podcast-Thumb-300-by-300This is Podcast 8, you can listen to it using the player shown above these lines.

In this audio lesson we will learn 10 Nouns related to people in Spanish.

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Hi, welcome to Learning Spanish for Beginners, the place to learn Mexico’s conversational Spanish.


Today we will review 10 nouns that may be useful when talking about people.


Feel free to repeat as you listen.



Let’s get started.


Man – “Hombre”


Woman – “Mujer”


Young man – “Muchacho” or “un jóven”


Young woman – “Muchacha” or “una jóven”


Boy – “Niño”


Girl – “Niña”


Old man – “Anciano”


Old woman – “Anciana”


Baby – “Bebé”


Person – “Persona”  



Now, let’s review the words one more time, this time only in Spanish.


Feel free to repeat as you listen.

























That’s all for today.


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See you next time, hasta la próxima.




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