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When it comes to learning Spanish for beginners,

using music as a learning tool is a powerful

strategy that has already helped thousands of

students interested in speaking conversational

Spanish quickly.


In the following paragraphs we will share a

Spanish song list of popular Latin American

rock bands including a few videos with Spanish

Song Lyrics; they are shown in order of difficulty.


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Including Spanish song list in your digital music player

is an excellent way to practice Spanish throughout

your daily activities. Give it a try! =)


How about setting up a Spanish song list of Latin

American Rock bands for your running routine?


Or a Spanish song list of ballads for driving

back home after work?



For beginners learning Spanish who want to

accelerate their listening comprehension skills,

reading the Spanish Song Lyrics while listening

to a song can have an important positive effect

on their ongoing practice time at they listen to

their previously selected Spanish song lists.



Let’s take a look at today’s Spanish Song List

with Lyrics:



Esa noche (That Night) by Café Tacuba:



Café Tacuba is one of the most influential bands of Latin

American music and has been a pioneer in the fusion of

modern and prehispanic influences.


They are known to push boundaries and reinvent themselves

constantly, and in spite of that; have managed to gain the

respect and admiration of critics and fans for decades.


A good Spanish song list of this band should

unquestionably include the lyrics for Spanish

songs: Eres, Aviéntame, María, El Baile y

el Salón and Las Flores.





El Duelo (The Duel) by La Ley



The Chilean band known as “La Ley” (The Law) is

considered to be one of the most influential bands

in Latin America.


After releasing a little-known first album called

“Desiertos” in 1989; they released “Doble

Opuesto” in 1990 which made them a

commercial success in all of Latin America,

after that a varied Spanish song list of hits

made them a legend; some of the ones you

should have include: Aqui, Tejedores de

Ilusión, Prisioneros de la piel and Fotofobia.


They have recorded seven studio albums and one live

album (you may listen to one of the tracks in the video

shown above these lines).


In 2005, the band said goodbye in Buenos Aires to work

on personal projects and will hopefully get together again

in the future. An influential band with outstanding song

lyrics in Spanish.




Lamento Boliviano (Bolivian Lament)

by Enanitos Verdes


Enanitos Verdes (Green Dwarves) is a popular

Argentinean rock band started out in 1984 and

over the years, has become a major force of

South American rock music.


A Spanish song list of their hits should include

the singles: Aún Sigo Cantando, El Extraño de

Pelo Largo, Guitarras Blancas and Amores



Many of their Spanish Song Lyrics have a

South American flavor that includes hints

of romanticism and social protest.


Certainly an important band to keep in mind next time you

wants to find Spanish songs by lyrics to use as study material.




De Música Ligera (Of Soft Music) by Soda Stereo


One of the legends of Latin American music, an

Argentinean band that changed the rules about

Rock for decades.


It all began in 1982 when the original members were in

their early twenties. The hits of  Soda Stereo are

considered classics and they are still played in bars

all over the world.


A Spanish song list based on their work should

certainly include: Canción Animal, Ella usó mi

Cabeza como un Revolver, Me Verás Volver,

La Ciudad de la Furia and Persiana Americana.


This is definitely a band to consider if you are

looking for good Spanish songs with lyrics.




Matador by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs


A band that has managed to reinvent itself over the

years, an advocate for the unification of Latin American

rhythms and cultures.


Los Fabulosos Cadillacs have been a reference for

South American rock bands since 1986 when they

started mixing musical styles such as ska, folk,

reggae, funk and jazz along with elements of pop

culture such as soccer.


The single Matador is generally regarded as the peak

of their popularity. Spanish lyrics to songs included in

their albums generally have elements of social protest

and political satires.


A decent Spanish song list with lyrics of their work

should include: Mal Bicho, Calaveras y Diablitos,

Destino de Partia and El Satánico Dr. Cadillac.


Vasos Vacíos is a masterpiece album that includes

some of their best work, including the popular “Matador”.



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We hope you enjoy this Spanish song list and

harness the power of music for learning Spanish

and improving your listening and comprehension

skills as you pick up a few new phrases.


In the end, practicing is the most important thing when

learning Spanish, just find a band you like and listen to

them continuously.

You will be surprised at how fast you learn Spanish.


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