Shortcuts to talk about the Past in Spanish Part 2 (Podcast) – LSFB 015

Today we will learn a few additional shortcuts to talk about the past in Spanish by using verbs in present tense and words that talk about time.


If you already know how to conjugate verbs in the present tense you can use them in conjunction with simple adverbs (such as yesterday, tomorrow, later) as well as simple phrases to talk about the past easily.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Yo estudio ayer en casa – I study yesterday at home.
  • Yo hablo por teléfono en la mañana, antes de venir a la escuela – I speak on the phone in the morning, before I come to school
  • Yo como en la escuela antes de regresar a casa – I eat at school before coming back home

Download your PDF Transcript

At the beginning of this post, you will find an audio player you can use to listen to the episode, and you can download a PDF Transcript right here:

This is the link you can use to get your transcript (right click and “Save” or “Download”): PDF Transcript

Want a Quickstart Guide to talk about the Past?

Here’s a quick guide to talk about the past in Spanish without having to struggle with the preterite conjugations.

To access the complete guide with shortcuts to talk about the past easily you can visit this page: Quick Guide to Talk about the Past


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