3 Love Ballads Songs in Spanish with Lyrics

Finding creative ways to practice Spanish is an important tool for beginners who want to master the language quickly. Using music as a learning tool is a great way to incorporate Spanish into your daily life while learning new words and phrases and getting acquainted with the popular culture from other countries.

Today will take a look at the lyrics in Spanish of 3 popular love ballads.

Es por ti by Juanes

The first ballad of these posts is the song “Es por Ti”, a title that translates as “It is Because of You” written by Juanes (a nickname that comes from his childhood, friends and family used to join his two names “Juan Esteban” into a shorter one that ended up being Juanes).

He is a popular Colombian singer who has sold more than 15 million albums internationally. Juanes is also known for being an active humanitarian that supports several causes such as “Paz sin Fronteras” (Peace without Borders). The following video shows the lyrics of “Es por Ti” (“It is Because of You”), a beautiful song that talks about love and enjoying the company of your special someone.



Rayando el Sol by Maná

The second ballad in this post written for beginners who want to practice Spanish through music is “Rayando el Sol” (“Scratching the Sun”) by the famous Mexican group known as “Maná”.

This is one of the biggest bands of the Spanish-speaking world; over their career they have sold more than 35 million albums worldwide and many of their songs are known all over the world. Additionally, Maná formed the “Fundación Selva Negra” (“Black Jungle Foundation”) that focuses on preserving the natural resources of the planet. Now it’s time to listen to this beautiful song:


Amarte es un Placer by Luis Miguel

The last ballad of this article is “Amarte es un Placer” (Loving you is a Pleasure) by the Mexican pop singer Luis Miguel. This well-known singer released his first album in 1981 at age 11 and has had a very successful career since then, selling several million records in all of Latin America. Let’s take a look at this romantic ballad that talks about the poetry and struggle loving someone implies.


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We hope you like this selection of videos we picked out for you. Listening to songs in Spanish is a great way for beginners to practice their listening skills and to learn new words and phrases at the same time. It is also a simple way to incorporate additional hours of practice while you perform everyday activities like exercising, driving or buying groceries.

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