Spanish Songs Lyrics – “Soy o Estoy” by Cafe Tacuba


Today we want to share a fine example of  Spanish Songs Lyrics, a piece created by Café Tacuba, a famous rock band from Mexico City.

The song´s title is: Soy o Estoy.

This song is a challenging exercise for those interested in learning about How to use ser and estar


You can play the song in the following youtube video and scroll down to read the translated lyrics in Spanish. Continue reading “Spanish Songs Lyrics – “Soy o Estoy” by Cafe Tacuba”

Spanish Song List – Latin American Spanish Song Lyrics


When it comes to learning Spanish for beginners, using music as a learning tool is a powerful strategy that has already helped thousands of students interested in speaking conversational Spanish quickly.

In the following paragraphs we will share a Spanish song list of popular Latin American rock bands including a few videos with Spanish Song Lyrics; they are shown in order of difficulty.


Including Spanish song list in your digital music player is an excellent way to practice Spanish throughout your daily activities. Give it a try! =) Continue reading “Spanish Song List – Latin American Spanish Song Lyrics”