Beginners Spanish


There is a large variety of approaches when it comes to learning beginners Spanish,


and although most of them are helpful; some are much more productive than others.


This brief article will talk about some useful tips related to


learning beginners Spanish productively while keeping things fun.



Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners


In case you haven’t noticed, there are several thousands of words in the Spanish language.


If you grab a regular Spanish dictionary, you will realize the vast amount of words available to learn;


but the truth is that most of them are rarely used in the context of learning beginners Spanish.


Besides the words available in a basic dictionary, therefore many thousand more Spanish vocabulary words to learn depending on the context where you are.


For example, a basketball coach, a policeman and a doctor will need different Spanish words to communicate effectively with their coworkers.



learning spanish for beginners - dictionary



What Is the Best Way to Learn Spanish Vocabulary?


There are many different approaches to answer this question,


but one that has proven to be highly productive for hundreds of students is focusing on the most commonly used words in Spanish.



Based on what the Pareto principle has proven (also known as the 80/20 Rule) over and over in the business and manufacturing world,


taking a selective approach to learning Spanish vocabulary can be highly productive.


If you think about it, why should you waste your time learning Spanish words that are not useful as you learn beginners Spanish?


The short answer to that is: you definitely shouldn’t.


learning spanish for beginners - beginners spanish



Choose Carefully the Things You Learn:


This might sound a little counterintuitive, since most of us generally believe that learning as much as possible is the best way to go.


Memorizing every single Spanish word that we can get our hands on is good for our learning process,


but the truth is that not all words are created equal.



If you focus on learning beginners Spanish words that are most commonly used in conversational Spanish, you will be able to communicate better in less time.


If you think about it, why should you bother learning Spanish phrases and words that are not commonly used?


Do you even use these kinds of words in your native language?



learning spanish for beginners - beginners spanish - kids



Learning Spanish the Easy Way:


Have you ever paid attention to the way children learn a language?


How did you learn while growing up?


Did you sit in a classroom for a couple of hours repeating endless conjugations of verbs that you would never use? 


The answer to that again is: probably not.


Different studies have shown that children usually listen to a language for a certain amount of time before trying to speak.


As they continue to listen carefully, their sharp brains start noticing patterns in grammar and vocabulary.


After some time, they try to speak in the language without worrying too much about making mistakes.


Over time, as they continue to listen to the language; they start to recognize their own mistakes and correct them as they speak.


The same self feedback process continues to happen until fluency is acquired.



If you pay close attention to children…


they do not choose boring television shows or complex children books about nuclear reactors.


They select learning materials they find to be interesting, fun and engaging.


You should do the same thing; find music you like, a movie you enjoy watching over and over, a book on a subject you are already interested in (or something you are already learning about in your own native language).


Finding materials that are engaging will make it much easier for you to be persistent as you continue learning Spanish.


In other words, make sure you have fun as you learn beginners Spanish.



beginners spanish - digital immersion




Make Good Use of Technology:


Digital technology continues to evolve towards simplicity and low cost.


This trend can be considerably advantageous for learning beginners Spanish if used properly.


MP3 players and cell phones are an excellent alternative to achieve digital Spanish language immersion in our everyday lives.


Although traveling to a foreign country for six months is a great way to practice, listening to songs in Spanish, radio shows or audio Spanish grammar lessons while driving, exercising or shopping is also a great way to make things happen.



In the end,

selecting Spanish grammar lessons and Spanish vocabulary words that are commonly used in everyday life is a productive way to acquire useful knowledge.


Avoid boring Spanish reading materials and make good use of technology to achieve digital Spanish language immersion in your daily routine.


These tips will be very beneficial for anyone interested in learning Spanish for beginners productively while having fun.




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