When to Use Ser and Estar


When focusing on learning conversational Spanish for beginners, 


there are some topics that are more important than others.



Knowing when to use Ser and Estar is without a question a useful tool



that can accelerate the process of learning Spanish for beginners.



Let’s take a look at some examples of when to use Ser and Estar



When to Use Ser and Estar Chart:



Example in English


Example in Spanish

SER is used…


When Talking About Permanent or Essential Characteristics


She is inteligent


Ella es inteligente

When Talking About the Time (Date / Hour / Days of the Week)


What time is it?


¿Qué hora es?

When Talking About  Possessions


This is Lucía´s house


Esta casa es de Lucía

When Talking About The Material Something is Made of


The spoon is made of metal


La cuchara es de metal

When Talking About Relationships


Maria is Roberto´s girlfriend


María es la novia de Roberto

When Talking About Where an event is happening


The class is at the school


La clase es en la escuela

When Talking About Someone’s Religion


I am catholic


Soy católico

When Talking About Someone’s Profession or Occupation


I am a Mechanical Engineer


Soy Ingeniero Mecánico

When Talking About Someone’s Nationality


I am Mexican


Soy Mexicano

When Talking About Someone’s Place of Origin


Where are you from?


¿De dónde eres?

ESTAR is used…


When Talking About Locations


I am in my room


Estoy en mi cuarto

When Talking About Ongoing Actions


I am talking to my friends


Estoy hablando con mis amigos

When Using Adjectives to describe how something is (temporarily)


I am tired


Estoy cansado



We hope our When to Use Ser and Estar Chart makes things easier for you as you continue on learning Spanish for beginners.


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