Learn Spanish with Funny Dogs!


Welcome, today we will learn Spanish with the help of this fun canine friend:

Image from: http://cheezburger.com/7311556096

Let’s try to understand what this dog saying.

Any clues?

Let’s begin with the top section, it says “Yo”, that is “I” in Spanish.

Then it says “huelo”, which comes from the verb “oler” (“to smell” in Spanish).

As you may have guessed, “Yo huelo” means “I smell” as in “I smell cookies”.


What about the bottom section of the image?

“Colores”, rings any bells?

Does it look similar to any words in English?

Yes, it looks like “Colors”, and that is precisely what it means.


Therefore, the phrase:

“Yo huelo Colores” means: “I smell Colors”


That was easy wasn’t it?


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