Learn Spanish with Oral Presentations – Gaby Vargas at TEDxDF

There are times when finding materials to practice Spanish can seem like a challenge. But in these times of digital abundance, being creative and resourceful can make things much easier.

Today we will use an oral presentation in Spanish by Gaby Vargas (a Mexican book author) recorded at TEDxDF as a learning tool to practice your listening and comprehension skills while learning new words.

In case you are curious about how an oral presentation Spanish will help you practice the language, let me tell you, the key are the subtitles”.

The idea, is that you play and pause (and rewind) the video many times in order to understand what Ms. Vargas wants to share with use, using the subtitles in English as a guideline to understand the conversation.

Activating the subtitles on YouTube is very easy. All you have to do, is click on the CC (close caption) icon available near the bottom right corner of the video player as you can see in this image:

You only have to click on the CC (close caption) icon shown near the bottom right corner of the video player as shown in this image:







Ready for the video? Here it is:

TEDxDF – Gaby Vargas – ¿Qué es el verdadero bienestar?

The next step is to watch the video one more time, but this time, without subtitles. You will notice that understanding what Ms. Vargas is saying becomes much easier after a little practice.

Learn common phrases in Spanish here


Here is the video one more time:

TEDxDF – Gaby Vargas – ¿Qué es el verdadero bienestar?


How did you feel? Was it easier the second or third time you tried? Do you have any questions related to Spanish?

Do you know of other interesting oral presentations in Spanish you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section at the end of this page.


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