Learn Spanish with Oral Presentations – Michael Rojkind at TEDxPuraVida

There are times when finding materials to practice Spanish may seem like a challenge, but in these times of digital abundance, with a little creativity and flexibility, finding innovative ways to practice is easier than most people think.

In this post, we’ll use an oral presentation in Spanish by Michael Rojkind, an innovative architect from Mexico, to practice your listening and comprehension skills at the same time.

This is how it works: play, pause and rewind the video as many times as needed until you understand what Mr. Rojkind says in his oral presentation.

The key to making this happen is activating the subtitles in English so they can be used as a guideline to accelerate the process.

Activating the subtitles on YouTube is easy. You only have to click on the CC (close caption) icon shown near the bottom right corner of the video player as shown in this image:



Are you ready to get started? Here is the video of the oral presentation:

TEDxPuraVida – Michael Rojkind – Riesgo de Contagio


The last part of this exercise is to watch the video again, but this time without showing the subtitles in English. To deactivate them, you only need to follow the same steps you followed to activate them (but in the reverse order of course).

Here is the same video one more time so you can watch it without the subtitle this time:

TEDxPuraVida – Michael Rojkind – Riesgo de Contagio


Learn common phrases in Spanish here

How did it feel the second time? Did you think it was easier to understand what was being said? Do you have any questions related to Spanish? What’s her favorite color? Please let us know using the comments section that people find at the end of this page.

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