Conversational Phrases for Buying Groceries


One of the best ways to learn a new language is placing

yourself in situations where you would need to talk

with other people to achieve an objective.


Today we’ll take a look at a few simple phrases that may

be useful while buying groceries. Here is a video with a

few useful Spanish phrases for beginners:






The key for Beginners learning Spanish:

Practice all the time!


The best thing about making your mind think of questions

and sentences that you would use in a specific scenario

while visiting a Spanish speaking country,


is having an opportunity to realize the Spanish words or

Spanish phrases that you need to learn in order to

communicate effectively and get the results you want.


 at the supermarket - vegetables



For example, next time you go buy groceries at the store;

think of the questions you might to ask, think of the kinds

of products that you would purchase if you were on a trip

(milk, butter, beer, apples?).


It is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone

and realize the things that should be learned first. There

is no point in spending six months studying advanced

grammar structures if you are unable to go to a store

and buy vegetables without a problem.



If you think about it, learning through phrases is one of

the most natural ways of acquiring conversational

fluency in language; it is basically the same way you

learn how to speak English in the first place during

your first years.


In other words, is a more natural approach that focuses

on useful things and getting results, not just learning

Spanish grammar.



Keep having fun!



Learn the numbers in Spanish

from 1 to 1000: Click here



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    1. You are absolutely right, I am sorry. It should be “puedo”. “¿Dónde puedo encontrar la leche?” I will request the correction. Thanks for pointing it out.

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