Yerbatero by Juanes – Popular songs with lyrics in Spanish translated to English

Today we are going to take a look at a song in Spanish to use as a tool to practice for beginners want to accelerate their learning process. The song we will review today is “Yerbatero” (“Medicine Man”). It is an interesting composition that talks about a man that cures all kinds of diseases including the pain caused by unrequited love.

But, who is Juanes?

Juanes is a successful Colombian singer that began his career as a member of the heavy metal band known as Ekhymosis in 1988 (not many people know about this) and he later pursued a solo career.

He has sold an estimate of 15 million albums worldwide and is well known around the world. Juanes grew up in Medellin when it was the city with the highest homicide rate in the world, a reality that impacted Juanes life and probably inspired him to work in several humanitarian causes throughout his career.

The following video shows the lyrics in Spanish and English. Make sure to pause and rewind as many times as needed until you can understand the entire song without reading the lyrics.

I suggest you play it slowly first, clicking on play and pause several times so you can read each sentence the first time,

and THEN, play it again without stopping much (only when really needed).

The third time you play it, understanding the whole thing should be much easier. Now it’s time to try it.


Video of Yerbatero by Juanes with Lyrics in Spanish translated to English:


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We hope this post was helped you practice your Spanish in a fun and entertaining way. Besides improving your listening and comprehension skills, you will also learn new words and learn a little about Latin American culture.

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