Free online books in Spanish translated to English – Today’s book: “Doña Berta” by Leopoldo Alas

Reading books in Spanish is an excellent way to practice the language and acquire new vocabulary and frequently used phrases.

Today we’ll take a look at the book in Spanish which can also be translated to English on-demand.


Today we will take a look at the short story “Doña Berta”, written by Leopoldo Alas, a writer born in Oviedo, Spain.

This short story talks about the life of Mrs. “Berta de Rondaliegos” and those around her throughout the years.

Now, it is time to start practicing with this book in Spanish.

It is an excellent way to practice your reading comprehension skills in Spanish. Here is the link to read “Doña Berta”:

Read the book here


We hope this learning tool helps you practice your comprehension skills in Spanish. Although it is not intended to teach you the structure of grammar or how verbs work, it is an excellent way for you to learn several new words and phrases that are commonly used in everyday Spanish.

Using learning materials in a foreign language that were not intended for language learners is an excellent way to accelerate the process of learning Spanish.


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