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In these times of never-ending information, the important thing is not only being able to find information;


but finding the right information according to the goals you are currently pursuing.


This short article will talk about some tips that will be useful as you learn Spanish online while having fun along the way.



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Find Spanish Vocabulary That Is Useful to You


The Spanish language has several thousand words and thousands more depending on the context of a conversation.


Instead of trying to learn every single Spanish word that comes in front of you, focus on learning the words are most commonly used in everyday conversational Spanish.


According to Pareto´s 80 – 20 rule, in the context of learning languages there are usually a relatively small amount of words that are used most of the time and by focusing on learning these words first;


you’ll be able to speak and understand language much faster.


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A good way to get an idea of the kind of Spanish words you should be learning is making the list of the words that you would need in common conversations.


Here’s an example, think of a situation in which you would need to speak in Spanish.


Let’s think of an example: arriving at the airport, getting on a taxi and asking the driver to take you to a specific Hotel.


Write down this hypothetical conversation in English on a piece of paper and underline the words that are used most often.


After a few minutes you will start to see patterns and realize that some verbs and vocabulary are used repeatedly.


This will help you get a good view of what Spanish vocabulary you should be learning first and the kind of Spanish verbs and tenses you should focus on as you continue to learn Spanish online.



Learn Spanish Online Using Songs


In recent years singers from Latin America have managed to reach out to the world by singing English,


but most of them have excellent songs in Spanish as well and this constitutes an excellent opportunity to learn useful vocabulary and Spanish phrases while enjoying good music.



The best way to do this is to find the lyrics of the songs in Spanish, printing them (or displaying them on screen) so that you can read them while you listen to the same song.


After doing this a couple of times you would realize that now you can understand what the singer is saying in the Spanish song.


It’s an excellent way to improve your listening and comprehension skills dramatically as you learn conversational Spanish phrases.



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Find Audio Resources to Take with You throughout the Day


Although traveling to a Spanish speaking country for a year is a great way to learn Spanish,


modern technology has transformed digital music players into a small and affordable tool of language immersion.


Search online and download Spanish podcasts and audio resources that you can use to practice throughout the day.


Anything will do, sports radio shows, news shows in Spanish or even talk shows from Spanish speaking countries.


Make good use of those 15 minutes you spend driving to work or the half an hour you spend in the gym.


Do not worry if you don’t understand everything at first, it is only a matter of practice and exposing your brain to the language;


eventually you will get it.



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Learn Spanish Online Using Videos


There is a wealth of free Spanish online lessons that use video as a teaching tool.


Make the best use of these resources by focusing on the subjects that are interesting to you.


Many videos that focus on learning Spanish for beginners are a great way to practice and review specific topics and Spanish phrases that are highly useful in everyday life.


We have many Spanish learning videos at our site: Learning Spanish for Beginners that you can use to practice and learn new Spanish grammar or vocabulary words.



Feel free to look around and look at our free Spanish lessons online for beginners.


We are interested in helping people learn Spanish online while having fun together.




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