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Why Do Some People Call the Spanish Spoken in Mexico “Mexican Language “?


Due to the minor differences between the Spanish spoken in Mexico and the Spanish spoken in Spain,


there are people who believe they are considered different languages; which they are not.



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In reality, they have the same basic grammar rules with a few minor variations.


It is similar to the differences between the English spoken in England and the English spoken in Canada or New Zealand.


It is essentially the same language that has evolved over time under regional influences.




Is The Mexican Language the same as Spanish?


The short answer to this question is: the Spanish spoken in Mexico and the Spanish spoken in Spain are not the same, but they are both considered Spanish Language.


It is a very similar situation to the similarities between the English spoken in the United States and English spoken in England.


People in the US do not speak ”American language” they speak English.



Even though the accent is different and there are many grammatical and vocabulary variations (colors and colours, trash can and dust bin, trash and rubbish, etc.) both countries speak English.



Let’s begin by talking about the Spanish spoken in Mexico (also called “Mexican language“ by many) and the Spanish spoken in Spain.


It all started when the Spanish armies colonized the area known as Mesoamerica and implemented a gradual process of religious and cultural transformation that would last for centuries. Today,


the majority of Mexico speaks Spanish and indigenous languages are only spoken by less than 6% of the total population.



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After centuries of independent development, the Mexican Language and the Spanish spoken in Spain have noticeable differences,


both in Spanish phrases, grammar and Spanish words. But even today, people from Spain who visit Mexico and Mexican citizens who visit Spain do not have problems communicating with each other.


The basic Spanish grammar structure still remains the same with only minor differences in certain conjugations.


When it comes to Spanish vocabulary, the influence of pre-hispanic indigenous Mexican culture has enriched the Spanish language spoken in Mexico with some words that are not used in Spain.



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A similar phenomenon can be found if we take a look at the English spoken in the United States, the English spoken in England and the English spoken in Australia.


Although the citizens of these countries do not speak the same version of English, they all speak English and can communicate with each other without a problem, except for the occasional slang words.



There are variations throughout Latin America


The same process of “regionalization” that the so called “Mexican Language” experienced has continued evolving throughout Latin America for centuries.


The influences of regional culture, indigenous languages (pre-hispanic) and ongoing immigration have generated different versions of the Spanish language that have minor specific peculiarities.


A good example of these may be found if you compare the Spanish spoken in Chile or Argentina to the Spanish spoken in Mexico.



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Although there are many slang words specific to each country, the main grammar structure remains to be the same and allows someone from Argentina to communicate with someone from Mexico without a problem.


In conclusion, there is no “Mexican Language”; people in Mexico speak Spanish.


Although there are minor differences between the Spanish spoken in Mexico and the Spanish spoken in other countries;


most of them are still considered Spanish. This is important information for beginners learning Spanish who can rest assured that


learning Spanish from Mexico will allow them to communicate through Latin America and Spain with some minor adjustments.



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  1. I can assure you, that the spanish of Spain was perfected in Mexico, because it was mixed with the accent, words and melodious tone pronunciation of the native languages.Nicest pronunciations of Spanish language, are the spanish of Mexico and the spanish of Chile

    1. Good point,

      The language was enriched by different accents and words from the native cultures. We have hundreds of additional words that derived from the native cultures. Chileans certaily have a beautiful accent, it is very soft.

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting, tell your friends about us so we can help more people learn Spanish =)

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