How do you say I miss you in Spanish? (and other useful phrases)


When someone you really care about is far away, being able to say “I miss you” is something important.

In this post we will talk about how do you say I miss you in Spanish as well as some other useful variations to convey a similar message.



A simple way to say I miss you in Spanish is:

 Te extraño



Some other options to tell someone you miss him or her in Spanish are:


  •  I would like to see you soon.
  • Me gustaría verte pronto.


  • I would be happy to see you.
  • Me daría mucho gusto verte.


  • I hope we can meet soon; I would really like to see you.
  • Espero que podamos reunirnos pronto, me daría mucho gusto verte.


  • I miss talking to you. When can we meet?
  • Extraño mucho hablar contigo. ¿Cuándo podemos vernos?


  • I am missing you so much.
  • Me haces mucha falta.


We hope this short post helps you learn how to say I miss you in Spanish and that now you can tell the people you care about how much you would like to see them soon. 


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4 thoughts on “How do you say I miss you in Spanish? (and other useful phrases)”

  1. How would you say “we miss you” or “he or she misses you” or “they miss you”? Also, it would help me if you could translate as closely as possible, even if it doesn’t make much sense in English…for example, te extrano (I don’t know how to make the wavy line over the n)…you, I miss.I miss much talking to you – extrano mucho hablar contigo. Knowing where to put the words is part of my problem.


    1. Hi Nina!


      To say: “we miss” you you can say: “te extrañamos (or, nosotros te extrañamos)”

      “he misses you” you you can say: “él te extraña”

      “she misses you” you you can say: “ella te extraña”

      “they miss you” you you can say: “ellos te extrañan”


      “te extraño” in English translates as: “I miss you”

      “extraño mucho hablar contigo” translates as: “I really miss talking to you”

      Don´t worry too much about the order of the words, just practice. =)


      To make the “ñ”, you can follow these instructions (I suggest method 2, the “ñ” is next to the L)

      Thanks for visiting

      Please tell you friends about us on Facebook! =)

      Let me know if you have more questions.

    1. You are right, “Te echo de menos” is another way to say “I miss you”. It may not be the simplest of all, but it certainly is an option to consider.

      Thanks for pointing it out and sharing it with the rest of us!

      You are amazing!

      Thank you Nick! =)

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