Learn Spanish with Coca-Cola Light – Funny Commercials in Spanish

There are many ways to practice Spanish, and when it comes to finding entertaining ways to do it.

Being creative and flexible is an important asset that separates fast learners from those who get bored and quit.

Today we will use a funny Coca-Cola commercial to practice Spanish while discussing a little about Mexican culture.

Although there are many stereotypes about the “Mexican macho”, the role of men in modern society has changed considerably in recent years.

Today we will look at a commercial that talks about this topic from a humorous point of view by making it look like a superhero movie trailer.

To make the most out of this exercise I recommend the following sequence:

First, watch the entire commercial in Spanish without clicking on pause. Try to understand as much as possible (don’t worry too much if there are parts you don’t get, it’s normal).

Second, play the commercial one more time and scroll down so you can read the transcript in Spanish and the translation in English in order to understand what the commercial talks about (don’t be afraid to pause and rewind as much as needed).

Third, watch the entire commercial in Spanish one more time and try to understand as much as possible. If at this point there are still several sections of the commercial you don’t fully understand, go back and read the transcript one more time until you understand the entire commercial without a problem.

And that’s all. It’s easy, huh?

Now it’s time to get started, ready?


Here is the commercial in Spanish:

Coca-Cola Light Commercial – Actitud Ligera (Light Attitude)



Here is a transcript of the commercial in both Spanish and English:

Hoy, ¿quién es realmente un macho?

Today, who is really a macho?


El más fuerte, el que no llora nunca, el que sale con 20 mujeres a la vez.

The strongest one, the one that never cries, the one that goes out with 20 women at the same time.


No, macho es el que está en pareja hace cinco años. Eso es un macho.

No, macho is the one that is in a couple since five years ago. That is a Macho.


Macho, es el que sale a correr en mallas.

Macho, is the one that goes out jogging wearing tights.


Es el que acepta que otro hombre está más galán que él.

Is the one that accepts that another man is more handsome than he is.


Es el que sabe los programas de la lavadora.

Is the one that knows the programs of the washing machine.


Es el que se levanta a las cuatro de la mañana a cambiar pañales, ¡eso es un macho!

Is the one that gets up at four in the morning to change diapers, that is a macho!


Es el que hojea revistas de chismes en la peluquería.

Is the one that looks at gossip magazines at the hair saloon.


Es el que pone en el estatus de facebook “in a relationship”.

Is the one that changes his Facebook status to “in a relationship”.


Esto es un verdadero macho.

That is a true macho.


Pero macho, lo que se dice macho, macho, macho…

But macho, what you call macho, macho, macho…


Es el que llega con Coca-Cola light a una fiesta y no le importa lo que digan los demás.

Is the one that arrives to a party with Coca-Cola light and doesn’t care what anyone says.


Coca-Cola light. Actitud ligera.

Coca-Cola light. Light attitude.


Here is a commercial in Spanish one more time.

This time watch it without reading the transcript and try to understand as much as possible.

Ready? Here it is:


Coca-Cola Light Commercial – Actitud Ligera (Light Attitude)


How did it feel the last time you watched it? Did it feel easier? Do you know of any other commercials in Spanish you would like us to translate? Do you have any questions about learning Spanish you would like to share?

Please let us know using the comments section available at the end of this page. We would love to hear from you.

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