Learn Spanish with Funny Dog Photos!


Today we will learn a useful verb with the help of this adorable canine “amigo”:


Image from: http://cheezburger.com/7303825664


The top section of the image shows “¿Te burlas de mí?”

The word “burlas” sound a little like “burglar”, a thief who MAKES FUN of the Law.

This will help you remember that “burlarse” means: “to make fun of”.

So, let’s get back to our phrase: “¿te burlas de mí?

“te” sounds like “tú”,

And “¿Te burlas de mí?” means “Are you making fun of me?”


Now, let’s look at the second half of the image, the part that says:

“Porque siento que estás burlando de mí”,

This phrase is is actually missing a “te” before “estás” because it is a reflexive verb.

So, let’s break it down,

“Porque” means “because”

And “siento” (from the verb “sentir”) means “I feel”

So , we have:

“Because I feeel que te estás making fun de mí”,

I is easy to guess that “de mí” means “or me”

“te estás” means “you are” (for a reflexive verb).

So, in the end we get:

“Porque siento que te estás burlando de mí”,

“Because I feeel you are making fun of me”,


Therefore, the whole thing says:

  • ¿Te burlas de mí?”
  • “Are you making fun of me?”


  • “Porque siento que te estás burlando de mí”,
  • “Because I feel you are making fun of me”,


See? That was fácil (easy)!!


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