Learn Spanish with Funny Kittens!


Today we will look at a simple phrase in Spanish with the help of this kitty:

  Image from: http://cheezburger.com/6190732032

Now, let’s understand what he is saying…


Let’s begin with the top section of the image, it says:

“me cambiaste…”


“Me”, sounds like me in English, a word that refers to the first person, so that’s our first hint.


Now lets look at the word: “cambiaste


Does it look like something familiar?

Let’s try something creative, segment the word:


Cam, reminds me of a “camera”

And “biaste” sound a bit like “beastie”

So, imagine a camera man that photographs beasts, he would have to move constantly in order to stay safe. He would need to change positions constantly, and that will help us remember that “cambiaste” refers to “change”.

“me” “change”

me cambiaste, means “you changed me”.


Now let’s look at the second section,

“por una máquina”

“máquina”, rings any bells? Doesn’t it look a little like “machine”?

Yes! That’s what it means. Maquina = Machine


Now lets look back at the first section,

“you changed me _____ machine”

What’s missing? The “por una” part…

Now, “una” looks like “uno” and we know it means “one” or “a” for a female noun.

Son now the blank gets smaller…

“you changed me ___ a machine”

By looking at that phrase, and the word we haven’t translated “por”, it is easy to guess that “por” means “for in English.

We got it!

  • “Me cambiaste por una máquina”
  • “You changed me for a machine”

You just learned one new phrase in Spanish, awesome! =)


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