Learn Spanish with Oral Presentations – Luis Moreno Ocampo at TEDxBuenosAires

Finding interesting materials to practice Spanish online is easy if you are creative and resourceful. Today we will use an oral presentation recorded at TEDxBuenosAires in 2010 as a tool to practice your listening and comprehension skills in Spanish.

In the video shown below these lines, Mr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, an Argentine lawyer and the first prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, talks about the global institutions of the 21st-century and the importance they have for modern societies. It is a very interesting talk with ideas worth reviewing.

So, how can we use this oral presentation to practice Spanish?

It´s easy. Watch the talk in Spanish while reading the subtitles in Spanish (or in English if needed.) Just play, pause and rewind many times until you understand what Mr. Ocampo is saying.

Although it is easy to underestimate the power of this kind of exercise, it is an excellent way to accelerate the language acquisition process.

It is like traveling to Argentina for a few minutes to listen to a high-quality oral presentation by a world expert on criminal justice, while having a personal translator whispering into your ear.

Make sure to have a notebook and a pen next to you so you can write down any words or phrases that call your attention.

Activating the subtitles on YouTube is easy, all you have to do is click on the close caption icon (CC) near the bottom right corner and select Spanish (or English if you need to) from the list as shown in the image shown next:



So, ready to get started?

Here is the video you can use to practice your Spanish listening and comprehension skills:

Luis Moreno Ocampo at TEDxBuenosAires 2010

After watching the oral presentation slowly, watch it one more time without pausing and without reading the subtitles if possible, and you’ll notice that understanding what Mr. Ocampo is saying gets much easier after a little practice.

Ready to try one more time?

Here is the video again…

Luis Moreno Ocampo at TEDxBuenosAires 2010


How did you feel after doing this activity? Was it easier to understand the video the last time? Did you learn any new words or phrases? Do you have any questions related to Spanish? Please share them in the comments section available at the end of this page.

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