LSFB Podcast 001 – Learn the Vowels in Spanish

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In this audio lesson we will learn the Vowels in Spanish.


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Hi, welcome to Learning Spanish for Beginners, the place to learn Mexico’s conversational Spanish.

Today we will talk about the vowels in Spanish.

The vowels in Spanish are similar to the vowels in English, but they have different pronunciations.

Now let’s take a look at the pronunciation of each vowel in both English and Spanish.

  • A (English) – A (Pronunciation: “ah”)
  • E (English) – E (Pronunciation: “eh”)
  • I (English) – I (Pronunciation: “eeh”)
  • O (English) – O (Pronunciation: “oh”)
  • U (English) – U (Pronunciation: “uh”)


Now let’s review the pronunciation of all the vowels, just in Spanish.

  • A (Pronunciation: “ah”)
  • E (Pronunciation: “eh”)
  • I (Pronunciation: “eeh”)
  • O (Pronunciation: “oh”)
  • U (Pronunciation: “uh”)


Let’s review the pronunciation of the vowels in Spanish one more time.

  • A (Pronunciation: “ah”)
  • E (Pronunciation: “eh”)
  • I (Pronunciation: “eeh”)
  • O (Pronunciation: “oh”)
  • U (Pronunciation: “uh”)


Next, we will review the pronunciation of the vowels in Spanish by using each one of them in three different words.

Let’s begin with the letter A.

  • Agua – Water
  • Aeropuerto – Airport
  • Amigo – Friend


Let’s look at letter E.

  • Elevador – Elevator
  • Entusiasmo – Enthusiasm
  • Elegante – Elegant


Now let’s review the letter I.

  • Interesante – Interesting
  • Inteligente – Intelligent
  • Imaginación – Imagination


Now, let’s look at the letter O.

  • Oso – Bear
  • Ostra – Oyster
  • Oportunidad – Opportunity


Finally, let’s look at the letter U.

  • Único – unique
  • Uña – Fingernail
  • Útil – useful


That’s all for today.

To learn more Spanish and to access a downloadable text version of this audio, you can visit the Podcast section at

See you next time, hasta la próxima.


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