LSFB Podcast 005 – Learn the Names of 50 Countries in Spanish


Podcast-Thumb-300-by-300This is Podcast 5, you can listen to it using the player shown above these lines.

In this audio lesson we will learn the Names of 50 Countries in Spanish.

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Podcast Transcript (Text Version):


Hi, welcome to Learning Spanish for Beginners, the place to learn Mexico’s conversational Spanish.


Today will learn the names of 50 countries in Spanish.


Let’s get started.


Mexico – México


United States – Estados Unidos


Canada – Canadá


Brazil – Brasil


Colombia – Colombia


Argentina – Argentina


Peru – Perú


Venezuela – Venezuela


Chile – Chile


Ecuador – Ecuador


Guatemala – Guatemala


Cuba – Cuba


Haiti – Haití


Bolivia – Bolivia


Dominican Republic – República Dominicana


Paraguay – Paraguay


Salvador – El Salvador


Nicaragua – Nicaragua


Costa Rica – Costa Rica


Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico


Panama – Panamá


Uruguay – Uruguay


China – China


Japan – Japón


Germany – Alemania


France – Francia


United Kingdom – Reino Unido


Italy – Italia


India – India


Russia – Rusia


South Africa – Sudáfrica


Australia – Australia


Spain – España


Netherlands – Holanda


Turkey – Turquía


Switzerland – Suiza


Sweden – Suecia


Poland – Polonia


Thailand – Tailandia


Greece – Grecia


Nigeria – Nigeria


Israel – Israel


Portugal – Portugal


Egypt – Egipto


The Philippines – Filipinas


Algeria – Argelia


Ireland – Irlanda


Morocco – Marruecos


Sudan – Sudán 



That’s all for today.

To learn more Spanish and to access a text version of this audio, you can visit the Podcast section at LearningSpanishForBeginners.com

See you next time, hasta la próxima.



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