Shortcuts to talk about the Past in Spanish – Part 3 (Podcast) – LSFB 016

In this session we will learn a few additional shortcuts to talk about the past in Spanish by using the simplified conjugation structure of the present perfect tense.

In Spanish, the conjugation of verbs in the present perfect is much simpler and predictable than the conjugation of verbs in preterite, and it can be used by beginners who want to learn how to express ideas about the past without having to learn several conjugations.

Although preterite is often used in conversational Spanish to talk about things that happened before; the present perfect may also be used to express a similar idea.

Additionally, it is easily understood by native speakers and most importantly, it is much easier to learn because it follows highly predictable patterns that make things much easier for beginners.

Because of this, using conjugations in present perfect to talk about the past is an easier way for beginners who want to speak conversational Spanish quickly.

Download your PDF Transcript

At the beginning of this post, you will find an audio player you can use to listen to the episode, and you can download a PDF Transcript right here:

This is the link you can use to get your transcript (right click and “Save” or “Download”): PDF Transcript

Want a Quickstart Guide to talk about the Past?

Here’s a quick guide to talk about the past in Spanish without having to struggle with the preterite conjugations.

To access the complete guide with shortcuts to talk about the past easily you can visit this page: Quick Guide to Talk about the Past


2 thoughts on “Shortcuts to talk about the Past in Spanish – Part 3 (Podcast) – LSFB 016”

  1. I love the simplicty of your presentation.
    The most effective way for me to be able to understand how to express myself in both future and past tense. I really needed this boost of knowledge! Thank you.

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