How Do You Say My Name is in Spanish


Today we will address a question that we often get from our readers. The question is: How do you say “my name is” in Spanish.

In this short post we will try to answer this question as well as give you a few other alternative phrases that may be useful when interacting with people you just met.

Let’s get started!

An easy way to say “my name is” in Spanish is:

“Mi nombre es…”


Learn the pronunciation of this phrase here:


Now let’s think for a moment your name is Charles (just for a moment, don’t worry okay?)

To Introduce yourself, you could say in Spanish:

  • “Mi nombre es Charles”


Now let’s look at other options that may be helpful when you want to introduce yourself in Spanish.


A few other alternative phrases are:


  • Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Carlos.
  • Hola, mucho gusto. Me llamo Carlos.


  • Hi my name is José.
  • Hola, mi nombre es José.


  • Nice to meet you, my name is Roberto.
  • Encantado, mi nombre es Roberto.


Learn the pronunciation of these phrase here:


As a note, in Spanish we often say “me llamo”, “me llamo Carlos”. That, technically means “I am called Carlos”.

The equivalent in English would be “My name is Carlos”. It’s just a different way to say it, but they mean the same thing.


Now, Let’s look at a few more examples…

  • Hi, what’s your name?
  • Hola, ¿cómo te llamas?


  • Hi, I would like to know your name.
  • Hola, me gustaría saber tu nombre.


  • You have a beautiful name!
  • ¡Tienes un nombre hermoso!


Learn the pronunciation of these phrase here:



I hope this short post was useful in helping you understand how to say “my name is” in Spanish, as well as a few other variations that may be useful in different casual scenarios.


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