Learn Spanish in a VW Car – Funny Commercials in Spanish

There many different ways to practice Spanish during our daily lives. Today we will look at 2 creative alternatives beginners learning Spanish may find useful.
Ready to get started?

First, take a look at this VW commercial and pay special attention to the last section of the video, the one that has subtitles in it (when they stop at the gas station and they seem a little upset at each other):


This is what they say at the end of the comercial ( when they speak in Spanish):


  • ¡Trece horas en el carro sin parar, y no traes música!
  • Thirteen hours nonstop and no music!


  • Mira, entra y cómprame unas papitas.
  • Buy me some chips while you’re in there.

Tip 1: Drive and Practice

So, as we saw in this short and amusing commercial; using the time we spend driving around is a productive way to practice Spanish. So, make sure you have a few good songs for audio books in Spanish to make the most of your driving time. Also, there are many good podcasts of Radio shows in Spanish you can download for free and play in your car stereo.

Tip 2: Use Funny Commercials learn Spanish:

As these short ad exemplifies, entertaining commercials in Spanish can be a good way to practice the language throughout the day. Mostly because they are entertaining and watching them is easy. You can find many of them on YouTube by searching something like: “comercial Mexico” or “comerciales Mexico”.

Practice your Spanish with songs here


Do you know of any other funny commercials in Spanish? Do you have any questions related to learning Spanish? Please share them in the comments section available at the end of this page.

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