How to Say Bye in Spanish

Although it may seem very simple, knowing how to say “Bye” in Spanish is a useful tool for beginners who want to interact socially.

In this short post we will take a look at how to say “Bye” in Spanish as well as other useful phrases that may come in handy when traveling or meeting Spanish-speaking friends or colleagues.

To say “Bye” in Spanish you can say:



Here is the pronunciation of Bye in Spanish: 


There are other simple conversational ways to say bye in Spanish. Let’s take a look at some of them.


  • See you later.
  • Hasta luego.


  • See you soon.
  • Nos vemos pronto.


  • Talk to you later.
  • Hablamos luego.


  • It was nice to see you.
  • Me dio gusto verte.


You can learn the pronunciation of these phrases here: 


And a few other casual phrases to say goodbye in Spanish (that should only be used among friends) are:


  • Ahí nos vemos…
  • See you later…


  • Ahí nos vidrios… (because it sounds like “ahí nos vemos”, vidrios means “glass”)
  • See you later…


  • Nos vemos al rato… (“un rato” means “a while”)
  • See you later…


  • Al rato… (shorter version of “Nos vemos al rato”)
  • See you later…


  •  Al rayo… (because it sounds like “al rato”, “rayo” means “ray” or “lightning”)
  • See you later…


You can learn the pronunciation of these phrases here: 


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We hope this short post is useful to help you learn how to say “Bye” in Spanish as well as other conversational and casual phrases that may be useful to say goodbye to people you meet.


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