The Colors of the Rainbow in Spanish

In this short article we will take a look at some of the most commonly used Spanish words, the colors of the rainbow in Spanish.

Lets review the colors of the rainbow in Spanish:


Although it is not very long, the colors of the rainbow in

Spanish are a useful Spanish vocabulary list that is

commonly used in everyday conversations.



When it comes to learning Spanish for kids, finding

engaging Spanish vocabulary games is an effective

way for them to practice while having fun.



Learning the colors in Spanish for kids is a good

way to practice by using Spanish vocabulary flash

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By the way,

the word for Rainbow in Spanish is: Arcoiris



Spanish Vocabulary Words:

Los Colores del Arcoiris en Español

The Colors of the Rainbow in Spanish:

Rojo – Red




Naranja – Orange




Amarillo – Yellow




Verde – Green




Azul – Blue




Índigo – Indigo

Violet – Violeta









The colors of the rainbow in Spanish are a useful Spanish vocabulary list that you will use often. It is particularly important if you’re planning on doing some shopping.


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