Learn Spanish with Coca-Cola – 3 Great Commercials in Spanish

Finding ways to practice Spanish constantly is one of the best ways to accelerate the language learning process.

An important part of this idea is finding study materials that are entertaining and interesting for the student.

Today we will use a few great Coca-Cola commercials as tools to practice Spanish while having fun.

Although I am aware that the nutritional content of Coca-Cola and its impact on society are controversial for some (and there are people who are against the idea of this kind of drinks), the commercials by themselves are entertaining and creative.

That is why they are being used as a tool to practice Spanish, not because loves Coca-Cola, but because the commercials are great.

The following commercials are in Spanish and include subtitles in English. Make sure you pause and rewind as many times as needed in order to understand what the commercials say without reading the subtitles.


The first time you watch a commercial, focus on the subtitles in order to understand what the general idea of the video is to try not to pause it.


Then, watch the commercial one more time. This time pausing and rewinding in order to associate it words in Spanish with the translation in English (you may also use the transcripts in English and Spanish available below each video). Go slow and make sure you understand it all, take your time.


The last step is to watch the entire commercial without reading the subtitles in English in order to make sure you understand the commercial in Spanish.

Ready to get started?


1- Heroes – Coca- Cola Commercial

This moving commercial is centered around the idea that we were all heroes some time in our past ( mostly during “costume wearing” faces during our childhood) and that is time to let those ideals of friendship and justice live again in our lives.

It is a beautiful commercial with lots of great footage of kids running around superhero costumes. Whether you like Coca-Cola or not, the idea behind the commercial is important and it is certainly worth watching.


Here is the commercial:

Here is the transcript of the commercial in both Spanish and English:


  • Todos fuimos héroes alguna vez.
  • We were all heroes some time in our past.


  • ¿Te acuerdas cómo era?
  • Do you remember how he wants?


  • Sentirse poderoso.
  • To feel powerful.


  • Sin miedo.
  • Without fear.


  • Del lado de los buenos.
  • On the good side.


  • ¿Dónde habrá quedado aquel traje?
  • Where is that costume?


  • Porque es hora de ponérselo.
  • Because it is time to put it on again.


  • Volvamos a jugar a que el mundo nos necesita.
  • Let’s play again that the world needs us.


  • Destapa la felicidad.
  • Open happiness.


2- Calling Mom – Coca- Cola Commercial

In this short Coca-Cola commercial we can hear a phone conversation between a mother and a daughter and we can also see what actually happened.

I don’t want to spoil the ending by saying too much, but the main point of it is that a mother always loves her children and knows what is really going on even when they try to hide the truth.

As a note, the Spanish spoken in his commercial is from Spain.


Here is the commercial:


Here is the transcript of the commercial in both Spanish and English:


  • Sí, dígame.
  • Yes, tell me.


  • Mamá, soy yo.
  • Mom, it’s me.


  • Hola hija, ¿que pasa?
  • Hi Honey, what’s going on?


  • Pues nada que, verás, acá todo el día estudiando la biblioteca.
  • Well nothing, you see, I spent the whole day studying at the library.


  • Y me levanto un minuto a tomar algo.
  • And I get up to drink something.


  • Y de pronto aparece…
  • and suddenly I see…


  • Aparece la profesora de matemáticas avanzadas.
  • The teacher (a female teacher) of advanced math shows up.


  • Una que es tremenda.
  • She is a very tough teacher.


  • Y nada, que me dice que mi cara le suena de clase.
  • And nothing, she says that my face seems familiar from class.


  • Es que yo a sus clases voy fijo.
  • Because I always attend her classes.


  • Resulta que va a haber un examen de integrales diferenciales, para subir nota.
  • It turns out there is going to be an integrals exam, to get higher marks.


  • Bueno no es un examen exactamente, es como una maratón.
  • While it is not exactly an exam, it’s more like a marathon.


  • Va a durar todo el día, y es importantísimo porque la nota influye sobre la nota final.
  • It is going to last all day, and it is very important because the grade will count for the final grade.


  • Y yo creo que tengo muchas posibilidades, en serio.
  • And I think I have a lot of possibilities, really.


  • Claro hija.
  • Of course honey.


  • Y debo quedarme toda la noche estudiando aquí en la biblioteca.
  • And I must stay all night studying, here at the library.


  • La van a dejar abierta para la ocasión, ¿sabes?
  • They are going to leave it open for this time, you know?


  • Así que no te preocupes, que es por mi bien.
  • So don´t worry, it is for my own good.


  • Llegaré muy tarde, pero tu tranquila.
  • I will come back very late, but don’t worry.


  • Vale.
  • Ok.


  • Adiós, Mamá.
  • Bye, Mom.


  • ¿Quién era?
  • Who was it?


  • La niña, que se ha enamorado.
  • The girl, she is in love.



3- My Mom is Great – Coca- Cola Commercial

In this short Coca-Cola commercial we get to see a son talking about his mother and how amazing she is.

Once again, I don’t want to spoil the ending, so you better see for yourself. As a note, the Spanish spoken in his commercial is from Spain as well.


Here is the commercial:


Here is the transcript of the commercial in both Spanish and English:


  • Hola.
  • Hi.


  • ¿Qué tal la entrevista?
  • How was the interview?


  • Lo de siempre, piden referencias.
  • Like always, they want references.


  • ¿Referencias? ¡Vaya!
  • References? Wow!


  • Nací en el 86.
  • I was born in 86.


  • Desde entonces todos le creamos unas ojeras, que no oculta.
  • Since then we have caused bags under her eyes, which she doesn’t hide.


  • Ella dice que son producto del amor.
  • She says they are a product of love.


  • Su carrera se ha basado en la persuasión.
  • Her career has been based in persuasion.


  • Me convenció de que las verduras me pondrían los ojos verdes.
  • She convinced me that vegetables would make my eyes green.


  • Imaginación no le falta.
  • She doesn’t lack imagination.


  • La llamas, y está.
  • You call her and the is there for you.


  • Siempre está.
  • She is always there.


  • Por eso no me he convertido en el imbécil que podría llegar a ser.
  • That is why I haven´t become in the idiot I could get to be.


  • A veces grita, sí.
  • Sometimes she yells, yes.


  • Pero ¿cómo no enfadarse alguien que lleva toda la vida comiéndose el filete con los nervios?
  • But how can someone, who has been eating the worst piece of beef, not get mad?


  • Pero le saca partido a todo.
  • She makes good use of everything.


  • Es un genio.
  • She is a genius.


  • Debería de darle las gracias a mi padre por haberla elegido.
  • I should thank my dad for having chosen her.


  • Yo creo que son buenas referencias ¿no?
  • I think those are good references, aren’t they?


  • Lo son. Quiero tenerla aquí.
  • They are. I want to have her here.


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How did you feel during the exercise? Did you get easier the third time you watched them? Please let us know what you think, and let us know if you have any questions related to learning Spanish using the comments section available at the end of this page.

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