LSFB Podcast 004 – Learn the Personal Pronouns in Spanish

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In this audio lesson we will learn about the Personal Pronouns in Spanish.

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Podcast Transcript (Text Version):

Hi, welcome to Learning Spanish for Beginners, the place to learn Mexico’s conversational Spanish.

Today we will look at the personal pronouns in Spanish and we will practice how to use them with a few sentences.

First, let’s look at the singular personal pronouns.

In English the first-person singular pronoun is I, in Spanish it is “Yo”.

The second-person singular pronoun in English is “You”, in Spanish it is “Tú”.

In English the third-person singular pronoun is “He” for a man and “She” for a woman, in Spanish it is “Él” for a man and “Ella” for a woman.

In summary, in English the singular pronouns are:

I, you, he and she.

In Spanish, the singular pronouns are:

Yo, tú, él or ella.

As a note, the equivalent of “it” is “eso” for a masculine pronoun or “esa” for a feminine pronoun.

However, “it” is rarely used in Spanish as a subject.

Now, let’s move on to the plural pronouns.

Remember, this lesson focuses on the Spanish spoken in Mexico which is very similar to the Spanish spoken in other countries.

Let’s keep going.

In English, the first-person plural pronoun is “we”, in Spanish it is “nosotros”.

The second-person plural pronoun in English is “you”, in Spanish it is “ustedes”.

The third-person plural pronoun in English is “they”, in Spanish the masculine form is a “Ellos” and the feminine form is “Ellas”.

In summary, in English the plural pronouns are we, you, they.

In Spanish, the plural pronouns are nosotros, ustedes, ellos.

Let’s review all the pronouns in English and Spanish one more time.

  • I – Yo
  • You – Tú
  • He – Él
  • She – Ella
  • We – Nosotros
  • You – Ustedes
  • They – Ellos

Finally, let’s review the pronouns in Spanish.

  • Yo
  • Él
  • Ella
  • Nosotros
  • Ustedes
  • Ellos

Ok, that’s all for today.

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See you next time, hasta la próxima.



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