Monsters University Helps you Learn Spanish with Translated Trailers

Finding entertaining ways practice Spanish is important for beginners who want to accelerate the learning process of the language.

Today we’ll use a couple of movie trailers as a tool to practice Spanish. We will begin by looking at the trailer of the Movie “Monsters University” in English, and then we’ll look at the same trailer in Spanish. Let’s get started.

This is the recommended sequence to follow to make the most out of this exercise:

First, watch the trailer in English.

Second, watch the movie trailer in Spanish (and try to understand as much as possible).

Third, play the Spanish version of the movie trailer again and scroll down to read the transcript in Spanish as a trailer is played (you may not be able to see as you scroll down, but you will be able to listen to it, which is important part).

Finally, plated trailer in Spanish one more time and try to understand the whole thing after having read the transcript. If you can’t understand it all, go back and repeat the exercise as many times as needed.


Time to get started, here are the movie trailers:


Monsters University – Trailer in English


Monsters University – Trailer in Spanish


Here are the transcripts of the trailers, first in English and then in Spanish.


  • Go Monsters U!
  • Arriba Monsters U!


  • Imagine a university.
  • Imagina una Universidad.


  • Were I can beat unique.
  • Donde yo puedo ser única.


  • In a family of thousands.
  • En una familia de miles.


  • Where I can love to learn.
  • Donde adoro estudiar.


  • and learn what I love.
  • y estudio lo que adoro.


  • Time for a celebration.
  • Vamos a celebrar chicos.


  • We’ll be ready.
  • Estaremos listos.


  • Five, six, seven, eight.
  • Cinco, seis, siete, ocho.


  • Seven, eight, turn.
  • Siete, ocho, giro.


  • This is college.
  • Esta es la Universidad.


  • James B. Sullivan.
  • James B. Sullivan.


  • I’m going to be a scarer.
  • Me convertiré en asustador.


  • Where it all began.
  • Donde todo comenzó.


  • Were you kissing my hand?
  • ¿Me besaste la mano?


  • And what about you with all your shedding?
  • ¿Tú “pelechas” toda la noche?


  • I don’t shed.
  • Yo no “pelecho”.


  • Really?
  • ¿No?


  • This summer.
  • Muy pronto (very soon).


  • Just wait hot shot, I’m going to scare circles around you this year.
  • Yo te enseñaré, voy a dejarte tirade en el lodo este año.


  • You’re not even in the same league with me.
  • No me llegas ni a los juanetes.


  • The MU cafeteria has some of the best chefs in the world.
  • En la cafeteria tenemos a los mejores chefs del mundo.


  • Welcome to scaring 101.
  • Bienvenidos a iniciación a los sustos.


  • You don’t need to study scaring, you just do it.
  • Los sustos no se estudian, sólo se hacen.


  • That is a good point.
  • Lo que dice es verdad.


  • You might want to hang out with someone a little bit more your speed.
  • Puedes juntarte con monstruos más a tu nivel.


  • Wanna join Oozma Kappa?
  • ¿Quieres unirte a Oozma Kappa?


  • We have cake.
  • Tenemos pastel.


  • If you are not scary, what kind of a monster are you?
  • Si no pueden asustar, ¿qué clase de monstruos son?


  • I am Art, new age philosophy major.
  • Soy Art, filosofía de la nueva era.


  • Thought you might like to keep a dreams journal.
  • Tal vez quieren llevar un diario de sueños.


  • Is that a joke?
  • ¿Es un chiste?


  • The Scare games! A super intense scaring competition.
  • Las Susto Olimpiadas! Una competencia de sustos super intensa.


  • You could totally die.
  • Puedes morir ahí.


  • It is worth it.
  • Y vale la pena.


  • And if you lose, you will leave Monsters University.
  • Si pierde los juegos, tundra que irse de Monsters University.


  • Fine!
  • Ya!


  • Behold my brothers of Oozma Kappa!
  • Les presento mis hermanos de Oozma Kappa!


  • I have an extra toe.
  • Yo tengo un dedo extra.


  • Not with me of course.
  • No conmigo claro.


  • Let’s begin the first competition.
  • Que comience la primera competencia.


  • Good luck ladies.
  • Suerte chicas.


  • Thanks! We’re going to rip you to pieces.
  • Gracias! Y los haremos pedacitos.


  • Go!
  • ¡Fuera!


  • From the faculty that brought you…
  • Del equipo que trajo…


  • Don’t go in there.
  • No entre ahí.


  • Just reach deep down and let the roar out.
  • Sólo llega hasta el fondo y dejar salir el rugido


  • Tonight we party like scarers.
  • Será una fiesta de asustadores.


  • First day of classes June 21.
  • Próximamente, inicio de clases.


  • I can’t be late on the first day!
  • El primer día no puedo llegar tarde!


Here is the movie trailer in Spanish one more time. Now play it without reading the transcript and try to understand as much as possible.

If you can’t understand it all, go back and read the transcript one more time until you can understand what is being said in Spanish version of the trailer without having to read the transcript.

Ready? Time to get started!

Here is the movie trailer in Spanish again:

Monsters University – Trailer in Spanish


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