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Learning Spanish is a fun and challenging project that presents us with the opportunity to stretch our limits.

Although there are many important aspects to consider, learning Spanish vocabulary is an important step towards conversational Spanish for beginners.

Let’s take a look at some useful spanish words that are commonly used in the kitchen:


Spanish Vocabulary for the Kitchen:

  • baking mold  –  el molde para hornear
  • balloon whisk  – el batidor
  • basket filter (cofee)  –  el filtro para café
  • casserole  –  la cacerola
  • bottle  – la botella
  • bottle opener  –  el destapador
  • bowl  –  el tazón
  • cabinet   –  el gabinete
  • can opener  –  el abrelatas
  •  blender  –  la licuadora



Learn the Numbers in Spanish from 1-1000 here:

Numbers in Spanish 1 to 1000 

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