List of Spanish Words that Start with A in Spanish

.There’s a wealth of options to explore when it comes to finding Spanish words that start with A. There are so many words in the Spanish language, that sometimes it’s easier to divide them into subgroups to make things easier.

In this article you will find a list of words that begin with A in Spanish that will include several subgroups of its own, including verbs, adverbs, nouns as well as Spanish adjectives that start with A, along with the meaning of each word so you can expand your vocabulary..

Spanish English
ábaco abacus
abadesa abbess
abadía abbey
abajo down
abanico fan
abarcar to encompass
abdicar to abdicate
abdomen abdomen
abeja bee
abierto open
abismo abyss
abogado attorney
abollar to dent
abono fertilizer
abordar to approach
abordo on board
abortar to abort
aborto abortion
aboyar buoy
Abraham Abraham
abrazar to hug
abrazo hug
abrigar to shelter
abrigo coat
abril April
abrir to open
abrumar to overwhelm
abrupto abrupt
absceso abscess
absorto absorbed
absurdo absurd
abucheo boo
abuelo grandfather
aburrir to bore
abusar to abuse
abusivo abusive
abuso abuse
acá here
acabado finish
acabar finish
acampar to camp
acceder to access
acceso access
acción action
acecho ambush
acéfalo headless
aceitar to oil
aceite oil
acelga chard
acento accent
aceptar to accept
aceptar to accept
acera sidewalk
acerca about
acercar to zoom in
acero steel
acertar to hit the target
acervo heritage (information)
acetato acetate
acetona acetone
achicar to reduce
acidez acidity
ácido acid
acierto a right choice
aclamar to acclaim
aclarar to clear out
acné acne
acomodo arrangement
acoplar to couple
acordar to agree
acortar to shorten
acosar to bully
acoso bullying
acostar to lay down
acre acre
acta minutes (document)
actitud attitude
activar to activate
activo active
acto act
actor actor
actriz actress
actuar to act
acuario aquarium
acudir keep
acuerdo agreement
acuoso aqueous
acusar to accuse
Adán Adam
adecuar to adapt
ademán gesture
además also
adentro inside
aderezo dressing
adeudar to owe
adherir to adhere
adición addition
adicto addict
adiós bye
adiposo adipose
aditivo additive
adivino fortune teller
adjunto attached
admirar to admire
admitir to admit
adobado pickled
adobe adobe
adoptar to adopt
adorar to adore
adornar to decorate
adorno ornament
adrede intentionally
aduana customs
adulto adult
aéreo aerial
aerosol aerosol
afamado famous
afán eagerness
afectar to affect
afecto affection
afeitar to shave
afgano Afghan
afición hobby
afilar to sharpen
afiliar to affiliate
afín related
afinar to fine tune
afirmar to affirm
afligir to afflict
aflojar loosen up
aflorar to flourish
afónico aphonic
afro afro
afuera outside
agachar to duck
agarrar to grab
agasajo entertainment
agave agave
agencia agency
agenda schedule
agente agent
ágil agile
agitar to shake
agobiar to overwhelm
agobio burden
agonía agony
agónico agonizing
agosto August
agotar to exhaust
agrado liking
agrario agrarian
agravar to aggravate
agravio grievance
agredir to attack
agregar to add
agresor aggressor
agrio sour
agrupar to group
agua water
aguado watery
aguador water boy
agudeza acuity
agudo acute
aguijón sting
águila eagle
agujero hole
agujeta lace
agujón stinger
Agustín Agustin
ahí there
ahijado godson
ahogado drowned
ahogar to drown
ahondar to delve
ahora now
ahorcar to hang
ahorita right now
ahorrar to save money
ahorro saving
ahumado smoked
ahumar to smoke
aire air
aire air
aislado isolated
aislar to isolate
ajedrez chess
ajeno alien
ajetreo hustle
ajustar to adjust
ajuste adjustment
alabado praised
alabar to praise
álabe paddle
alacena cupboard
alaciar to straighten
alacrán scorpion
alado winged
alambre wire
alameda city plaza
alargar to enlarge
alarido howl
alarma alarm
alarmar to alarm
alba sunrise
albaca albaca
albacea executor
albanés Albanian
albañil construction worker
albino albino
álbum album
alcalde mayor
alcance scope
alce moose
alcoba bedroom
alcohol alcohol
aldea village
aldeano villager
aledaño neighboring
alegar to plead
alegrar to gladden
alegre cheerful
alegría joy
alejar to ward off
alejar ward off
aleluya Hallelujah
alemán German
alemana German woman
alentar to encourage
alergia allergy
alerta alert
alertar to alert
aleta fin
aletear to flap
alfa alpha
alfajor caramel cookie
alfalfa alfalfa
alfil bishop
alfiler pin
alga seaweed
álgebra algebra
algo something
algodón cotton
alguien someone
algún some
alguno any
aliado ally
aliados allies
alianza alliance
alias alias
aliento breath
alinear to line up
alistar to enlist
aliviar to relieve
alivio relief
allá over there
allí there
alma soul
almacén warehouse
almíbar syrup
almidón starch
alocado crazy
alojado hosted
alpino Alpine
altar altar
alteza highness
alto tall
alud avalanche
aludir to allude
alumno student
alza rise
amable kind
amado loved
amante lover
amar to love
amargo bitter
amasar knead
ámbar amber
ámbito realm
ambos both of them
amén amen
ameno nice
amiba amoeba
amigo friend
amo master
amor love
amorfo amorphous
amplio large
añadir to add
anal anal
ancho width
anchoa anchovy
andén platform
anemia anemia
anexo annex
ángel Angel
angina angina
anglo Anglo
ángulo angle
anhelo longing
añicos smithereens
anidar to nest
anillo ring
animal animal
animar encourage
anime anime
ánimo cheer up
anís anise
ano anus
anoche last night
añorar yearn
anotar To take notes
ansia craving
antena antenna
antes before
antes before
antojo whim
antro joint (party place)
anual annual
anular To cancel
apache Apache
apagar to turn off
apatía apathy
apego attachment
apelar to appeal
apenas barely
apilar to pile on
apio celery
apnea apnea
apodar to nickname
apodo nickname
apoyar to support
apoyo support for
apto suitable
apuro trouble
aquel that one
aquí here
árabe Arab
arañar to scratch
arar plow
árbol tree
arca ark
arce maple
arco arc
ardido burned
ardor burning feeling
arduo hard (difficult)
área area
arena sand
arete earring
Argel Algiers
argón argon
árido arid
ario aryan
arisco surly
arma weapon
armado armed
armar to assemble
arnés harness
aro ring
aroma aroma
arpa harp
arpía harpy
arpón harpoon
arriba above
arribar to arrive
arrojar to throw
arroyo stream
arroz rice
arruga wrinkle
arte art
ártico arctic
Arturo Arthur
aruñar to scratch
asado roast
asador Barbecue grill
asalto robbery
asar to grill
asco disgust
aseado tidy
asear clean
aseo cleanliness
asesor adviser
así like this
asilo asylum
asma asthma
asno donkey
aspa blade
áspero rough
asta pole
astral astral
astro star
astuto astute
asumir to assume
atacar to attack
atado tied
atajo shortcut
ataque attack
atar to tie
ataúd coffin
atavío attire
atento attentive
ateo atheist
ático penthouse
atlas atlas
atleta athlete
átomo atom
atraer to attract
atrás behind
atraso delay
atroz atrocious
atún tuna
audaz bold
auge boom
aula classroom
aullar to howl
aun yet
aunque although
aura aura
áureo golden
aurora Aurora
auto car
autor author
autora female author
aval guarantee
avalar to endorse
avalúo appraisal
avance advance
avaro penny pincher
ave bird
avena oats
avería break down
aviar avian
avión airplane
avisar to warn
aviso notice
avispa wasp
axial axial
axila armpit
axioma axiom
ayer yesterday
ayuda help
ayudar to help
ayunar to fast
ayuno fast
azahar orange blossom
azalea azalea
azar random
azimut azimuth
azotea rooftop
azteca Aztec
azúcar sugar
azufre sulfur
azul blue


There are so many things that start with A in Spanish that I could make a new list of Spanish nouns starting with A, but for now, let’s review this list of words. I hope you find them useful and if you do, please share this article with your friends on Facebook.

I hope you found this list of list of Spanish Words that start with A to be useful. Please share it with your Facebook friends so they can also learn several words in Spanish that start with A.



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