3 Things to do in Mazatlan Mexico (and simple Phrases in Spanish)

There are many different reasons to learn a new language. Some people want a better job, some people want to find love, and some people, just love to travel and experience foreign countries at another level.

Today we will take a quick look at a few interesting things to do in Mazatlan Mexico, a great place where beginners learning Spanish can practice and have fun at the same time.

Mazatlán means “place of deer” and it is the second largest city in the state of Sinaloa with a population of nearly 440,000 as of the 2010 census. It is an important hub for tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and fishing.

This is what the city looks like when you arrive by airplane…



Now, let’s take a look at 3 interesting things to do in Mazatlán:

#1 – See the “Malecón” (Seafront walkway)

Mazatlan has one of the longest seafront walkways in the world (13 miles long) and it is something you have to see for yourself. You can do it using one of these alternatives:

This is what the Malecón looks like…



The best way to experience the Malecón is by walking it. This is what it looks like:

You can also find many great restaurants by the ocean and enjoy a “Campechana” (a stew of several types of seafood) like this one:

or simply enjoy the view…

Riding a bus…

From the Golden zone, you can take the “Sabalo Centro” route that will take you to downtown´s market after seeing a large portion of El Malecón. These are comfortable air conditioned units.

This is what a bus ride around downtown looks like (skip to second 21)…


Pulmonias (Doorless taxis)…

These doorless taxis are a good option for sunny days. If you are at the Golden Zone, just ask a driver to take you downtown. Ask at your hotel´s front desk about what a reasonable price for a Pulmonia ride from your hotel to downtown´s market is (they don’t have meters), make sure to ask the driver before you begin the trip in order to make sure the price is appropriate according to your front desk´s information and to avoid unnecessary arguments.

This is what a Pulmonia looks like…


This is what a Pulmonia ride looks like…


If you choose to walk around downtown you will find beautiful buildings like this one:


A few phrases in Spanish that may be useful are:

  • How much to go from here to downtown´s market passing by the malecon?
  • ¿Cuánto por ir de aquí al Mercado del centro pasando por el malecón?


  • How much is that?
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta eso?


  • That is too expensive, I want a discount.
  • ¡Está muy caro! Quiero un descuento.


  • Which way is the malecón?
  • ¿Para adónde está el malecón?


Learn more here: More Spanish phrases


#2 – Climb “El Faro” (The Lighthouse)

The history of Mazatlán´s lighthouse, generally known simply as “El Faro”, dates back to 1879 when a lamp handcrafted in Paris was used to guide ships to shore. Climbing the hill where the lighthouse is located is not only an excellent workout, but leads to one of the best views of the city. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes and a water bottle; it is a good walk uphill.

This is what the view at the top looks like…


This is what “El Faro” looks like from a plane…

View Larger Map


#3 – Visit the “Isla de Venados” (Deer Island)

This is also known as “Isla del Medio” (Island in the Middle) because it occupies the center in the group of 3 islands located in front of Mazatlan. It has a nice beach that is generally calm and it is a nice place to visit.

There are many options to get there, but one of the fastest and cheapest is using the Amphibious boat known as “Super Pato”, which is a tire powered boat that will take you to the island and back for a low price (if you only want the ride, and nothing else, the price drops considerably). A good place to go is called Aqua Sports Center and it is located near Hotel CID El Moro.


You can see the Amphibious boat at 0:20 in this video…


This video will give you an idea of what a trip to the island looks like…


If you dare to climb the Deer Island, this is how it looks from the top (it’s an amazing view!):


Do you have any questions about Spanish or do you know of other interesting activities or places in Mazatlan? Please share your thoughts in the comments section located at the end of this page.

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