Free online books in Spanish translated to English – Today’s book: “Dulce y Sabrosa” by Jacinto Octavio Picón


Hi, today we’ll take a look at a useful tool for beginners want to learn Spanish. It is simple, we’re talking about books in Spanish.


Today we will take a look at the book “Dulce y Sabrosa”, one of the most important works of Jacinto Octavio Picón, a writer born in Madrid.

The book talks about a love story and the tactics used by a woman to get her goals.

“Don Juan de Todellas” is a gentleman from Madrid who enjoys flirting with several women and seducing them.

After being seduced by Don Juan, women are abandoned suddenly by the man they thought was in love with them.

After being abandoned by Don Juan via a letter, “Cristeta Moreruela”, a young theater actress plans a strategy to regain the love of Don Juan.

Now, it is time to start practicing with this book in Spanish. Remember, you only need to double click on a word or phrase to see the English translation (yes, it’s that easy).


Here is the link to access the book:

Read the book over here


We hope you find these learning tools to be useful. Reading books in Spanish is a very useful way to practice the language and learn conversational phrases as well as common vocabulary.


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